Get premium exposure for your brand and be seen in front of over 15,000+ digital marketing experts for your company image. Partner with us and be seen where it matters most! Here are some of the categories available to you as a sponsor of the virtual event.

Stage Break Sponsorship

1 Sponsor Only
An exclusive sponsorship, showcasing your company and what you can do for the attendees in unique videos between all of our Stages. As the Stage break Sponsor you will have exposure across all of our Tracks, with opportunity to capture leads from our entire attendee base!

Includes a Virtual Booth

Starting at
US $2,999

Q&A Chat Room Sponsorship

1 Sponsor Only
Be front and center during all discussions for SalesCON360. This is a huge branding play, as your company will be featured at all times on the discussion channels and when direct messaging. Q&A sessions will be offered throughout the show, where attendees will be directed to the 'Q&A Chat Room powered by Your Company!

Includes a Virtual Booth

Starting at
US $1,599

Topic/Track Sponsorship

1 Sponsor Per Topic
Put your company center stage in front of 15,000+ of the world’s leading digital marketers. Your company will own a specific track related to your industry or service. This will provide both branding and lead potential, making sure your investment yields results.

Includes a Virtual Booth

Starting at
US $1,999

Speaking Sponsorship

Want your company to be positioned as an authority in the digital advertising community? Companies will have the opportunity to have their founder, head of marketing, growth manager or other influential team member share content that positions the company as a leader in the community.

Includes a Virtual Booth

Starting at
US $3,999

Gate Prize Sponsorship

5 Sponsors Only
SalesCON360 will provide several gate prizes to attendees over the two days. The prizes will be presented at the end of each day. This will be promoted throughout the day across the platform, as well as in-between presentations. Attendees will be required to share their contact information to opt-in for the gate prizes to become eligible to win.

Includes a Virtual Booth

Starting at
US $999

What You Get:

As a sponsor, you’ll also get extra brand exposure through:

Logo Listing

Your company logo added to the SalesCON360 Homepage

Social Post

Dedicated Facebook campaigns targeting specific SalesCON360 + partner audiences (worth US$2,000)

Pre Show Email

Email announcement to all attendees (6 companies max per email so you don’t get missed!)

Post Show Email

Inclusion in our post-show wrap email

Sponsor Page Listing

Your company representative headshot and contact info added to the sponsorships section of our website

Extra Passes

Get up to (10) company passes to SalesCON360 for team members - worth $2,499.99

Please contact: conference@salescon360.com

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